Meeting Yourself in The Heart Of The Andes / Jungle
Peru Journey July 7th -19th

This unparalleled Andean mountain and jungle journey will take place in and around Cusco; the Sacred Valley; Machu Picchu and the wonderful mountains of Salkantay and Umantay. Enjoy the breath taking snow-capped mountain peaks and embrace the beautiful ceremonies of the Andean shaman priests (paqos). Explore the jungle and meet its master plant Ayahuasca to rediscover yourself as you were meant to be, as well as to bring cleansing and balance to your body, mind, and soul.

Upon arrival at the airport in Lima, the capital of Peru, you will be met by a driver who will take you to your hotel in Miraflores. Miraflores is located in a lovely residential area next to the Pacific Ocean.

After breakfast, you will fly to Cusco, the ancient capital of the Incas, considered to be the “navel of the world” or center of creation. Cusco also houses incredible architecture with spectacular stones and stone masonry, you won’t want to miss. In the afternoon, you can relax and acclimatize to the altitude (10990 feet).

On Day 3, we will travel to the awe-inspiring ancient Incan building complex, the Temple of Lightning (Sacsayhuaman). After exploring the sacred temple area, we will continue to the mysterious man-made “cracks” above to participate in the opening ceremony with the Paqos.

On Day 4, we will visit sacred Pisaq. Here we will discover several major Incan holy temples. The ceremony we join in with the Q’ero paqos will take a place in a stunning location designed to facilitate our deepest connection to the vision of the falcon. After the ceremony, we will explore the colorful market in the main town of Pisaq. The market is renowned for the exquisite arts and crafts brought in by many native artisans from the surrounding communities. There are many different handicrafts available, including textiles, weavings, ceramics, ponchos, and much more. Private transportation will take us back to our hotel in Cusco at the end of the day.

Today, our bus will take us to Ollantaytambo. Ollantaytambo is an ancient astronomical observatory. It is known as the Temple of the Winds, the Throne of the Sun. There are several temple areas. There sits a massive Throne of the Sun that faces the mountain spirit, Wiracocha. We will visit the main temples and our guide will explain the archaeological importance of this about how important site for the Incas. This observatory and fortress was constructed of rock walls of tightly fitted pink granite blocks weighing over 50 tons each! The quarries that they were carved from are situated on a mountaintop seven miles away. They had to be lowered down one mountain, over a river canyon with 1000 ft of sheer rock walls, and then raised up the mountain to the complex they are situated on. It was an engineering feat that remains an enigmatic mystery.

Afterwards touring the vicinity of Ollantaytambo, we will climb to the Temple of the Winds, where the Q’ero Paqos will offer a ceremony.

Later in the day, we will go to the Ollanta train station and continue our journey from there to Aguas Calientes (Machu Picchu), the city.

After breakfast we will head to the bus station and take a short 20 minute trip to reach the sacred mountain and historic sanctuary, Machu Picchu.

The Machu Picchu tour will take us on a fascinating journey through some of the most incredibly scenic sites imaginable on this planet. These include unparalleled examples of Incan architecture, streets, squares, fountains, and ceremonial temples, are all surrounded by lush vegetation. The citadel reaches a height of 2490 m. From here, you can see incredible views of the mountains like Wayna Picchu, Putukusi, and Inti Punku.

There is also an option to climb to the top of Wayna Picchu, while you are here. It is a steep hike, but well worth the effort if your physical condition can manage it. Wayna Picchu is a sacred feminine mountain that is a counterpart to the masculine, Machu Picchu. Wayna Picchu is also connected to the child aspect and youth, while Machu Picchu is connected to the ancestors and crystals.

In the afternoon, we will take the bus down toward Aguas Calientes for lunch, and then take the train to Ollantaytambo, where our bus will be waiting to transport us on to Cusco.

For the next three days, you will spend time in the majestic mountain region of Soraypampa, allowing your heart to be touched by its apus (mountain spirits). Camping at 4000 meters above sea level, this area is the ideal environment to fully connect with the natural world and to further develop your sensitivity to subtle energy work. On the first day, you will arrive at the base camp, set up, and settle in. You will also work with the element of water at a holy lake called Umantay, which is a two hours walk from the base camp. When you arrive at the lake, the Paqos, (who will be traveling with you) will offer a despacho (gift) to Umantay. You will have the opportunity to cleanse your body, mind and soul in preparation for your initiation the next day.

For four days, we will be immersed in the rainforest jungle and connected deeply with the spirits of the master plant, Ayahuasca. We will participate in three nights of Ayahuasca ceremonies lead by an Ayahuasquero.

In addition to the ceremonies, you can take a daily tour to visit the jungle and learn about the wildlife of the region from a local guide.

Today, we will leave the lodge to head to Puerto Maldonado airport to take a flight to Lima and travel home from there.


  • Hotel (double rooms), including breakfast
  • Camping equipment: Sleeping bags, mattress and tents.
  • All entrance fees for the sacred sites we visit
  • Private transportation, Train tickets to Machu Picchu.
  • Oxygen tank just for Salkantay trip
  • Meals for Salkantay trip
  • 2 Paqos during the whole journey, tour guides, trip leaders
  • Ceremonies with Paqos and Ayahuasqueros

Not included:

  • Flights to and from your home country to Lima
  • Domestic flights within Peru
  • Additional meals (lunch, dinner), as specified above
  • Individual healings/initiations with the paqos (upon request)
  • Travel Insurance (including health insurance)
  • Supplement in a SGL room Euro 450
  • Horse to ride at Salkantay Euro 70 per 2 days (optional)
  • Flashlights for Salkantay
  • Bathing suit.

Tour Leaders:

  • Luis Alejo ( Peru)
  • Raj Padam ( Ireland)
  • Paqos from the Andes
  • Light, long sleeved shirts, t- shirts and long pants
  • Sun hat
  • Insect repellent and sun cream.

Total Cost of Program:-

Note: Although carefully anchored in an “energetic template” as well as in detailed practical advance planning, this itinerary remains subject to small changes due to unforeseen circumstances. It is the nature of any pilgrimage or apprenticeship to experience some necessary changes at the last minute. In our experience, the few changes that occurred on our previous journeys often opened the door to unanticipated (and usually wonderful) opportunities. Thank you in advance for your flexibility and willingness to adapt, to take advantage of the ever-changing possibilities inherent in a fluid shamanic universe

For more information and booking please contact:

Skype: luisqero

Peru: 0051-84-244454, Mobil: 0051-84-984001975